Humor... what would I do without it? I can't imagine what life would be like without it... I know God created it 'cause He's played some pretty good ones on me... (you know, "While we make plans - God laughs"... right?)

Some of the best humor I've read lately was in the latest issue of Significant Living magazine (a bi-monthly publication/organization focused on celebrating life and faith for today's Christians – over 50)...

In the July/Aug 2010 issue, one of my favorite Christian comediens is featured on the cover... Anita Renfroe.. she became a household name when her YouTube video became so popular last year... if you've been under a rock and not heard it... you must check it out... she sings a song containing all the things a mom says (referred to as "momisms") in a typical day to the tune of William Tell's Overture...

In the article, she expresses some views identical to mine... guess a lot of us BabyBoomers think alike... She's recently become a grandparent which has given her a broader view of things, as well as added inspiration to finish this last third of her time on earth well. (Sound familiar?) She says grandchildren are the cheese on the cracker of life... She can't wait to see who this little guy will grow up to be, who he'll marry, and what he'll do for the Kingdom.

She also acknowledges how much this new life stage has brought about her sense of legacy as she wonders what her grandkids will say about her someday.  She hopes they'll say she was a lot of fun but also that she knew the Lord and made an impact on this world.

See if your local library has some of her DVDs... and visit her website at

Another highly recommended Christian comedian is Tim Hawkins... what a hoot! I had never heard of him til he did a benefit concert that happened to be on the Sunday following the Haiti earthquake (Tuesday)... it was scheduled months in advance but God's timing is so perfect which was evidenced by the over-capacity crowd that showed up at our church
that evening... our sanctuary normally seats around 5,500 and it would be fairly typical for us to have a crowd of maybe a couple hundred or so.. but thanks to the promotion of it on Z88.3, we had a phenominal turnout... I'm positive there were at least 6,500 in the building that night... people were sitting on the carpeting in all the aisles and we even had folks seated
in the choir loft and orchestra pit area! The other amazing thing with regard to God's timing, was that the organization that brought him to Orlando and benefitted from the love offerings taken, was the Orlando-based New Missions... this organization has been serving in Haiti for over 27 years!!!!! And Tim had been supporting the ministry for years... How awesome is that?!

Check out one of his videos on You Tube here... this is one of my favorites and if you're a Chick-Fil-A fan, you'll love it too! Pay attention to his outrageous facial expressions...they're priceless... very funny... enjoy!

Another favorite is his parody of Jesus Take the Wheel (by Carrie Underwood)... Tim's version is Cletus Take the Wheel... this one is a music video and there's a guy with him (Cletus I presume) who's dressed in a "sleeveless" red plaid shirt like Larry the Cable Guy...

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