OMG! I just LOVE the times we live in! We have fully embraced technology in our family! 
I just LOVE my little red laptop (only weighs 3lbs and has an 8-hr battery life!), my iPhone, our Kindle(s), my Nintendo DSi (hubby got it for me... but I only play "brain" games on it... figure it might help ward off Alzheimers), our GPS, our little Flip (small video recorder that plugs right into your laptop), our Bluetooth wireless printer/copier/scanner... the list goes on and on... and I can't wait til I can justify getting an iPad!

Have you heard of the Promethean Board? This is the most AMAZING thing I've ever seen in a classroom... My good friend Shari, who teaches 3rd grade at a public school here in Orlando, showed off the one in her classroom... and my mouth is still hanging open!  It is like an oversized whiteboard/touch screen thing connected to a laptop that runs the software... What an awesome way for kids to learn,,, you must click here and go to the website to see a short video! Every classroom should have one of these!

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