I'm fortunate to have been raised in a Christian home with a grandmother who took my spiritual growth and attendance at church seriously... and I still miss her terribly. She was an incredible prayer warrior and encourager.
I also realize how fortunate we are to be part of the family of believers at FBC/O (First Baptist/ Orlando)... where I've been a life-long member. Our church loves people... ALL people... and loves serving others, especially those less fortunate, hurting, depressed, and discouraged... And we have many of those in "our backyard" in particular!
Our Pastor (David Uth) led us last year in a study of the Radical Church of Acts and then earlier this year, the book of James... both full of instruction on how the body of Christ is to serve and love one another as well as non-believers. If you'd like to watch/listen to some of these messages, you can do so here...  you can also find the stations/air times when you can watch on tv if you like.

I wanted to share with you some of the websites I've found while surfing that can help you make a difference... by encouraging you, giving you examples you can emulate, and by guarding your "input." Our society in general has become so complacent and accepting or indifferent of unacceptable, ungodly behaviors and speech that at times I find it truly overwhelming. I hope you'll join me in making a conscious effort to guard your heart and mind so as to not be "of the world" but rather "in it" as a light for others to see the Truth.

One of my favorite sites to visit for RAK (random acts of kindness) ideas is ... this site will actually send you FREE RAK cards (they call them SMILE cards) that you can use when you do something for someone... like paying for the person's order in the car behind you in Starbucks drive-thru).. just ask the Starbucks employee to give them the Smile card... the cards encourage that person to "pay it forward." The website also has stories of how people have blessed someone else... you can even search the stories... Plus, there is an entire page devoted to Kindness Ideas... check it out... better yet, have your kids/grandkids check out the ideas! And order some cards for yourself!
A RAK done with your grandkids is an excellent way to introduce them to the joy of giving, serving, and blessing others! (And helps in their understanding of what is truly important and cultivates an awareness of how fortunate they are...)
I made my own cards using an Avery template and one of Avery's designs (sunflower)... the particular laser-perforated cards I chose are actually made to be printed on both sides and can also be printed to "bleed" off the edges!

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