Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elegant Fun Fold Card

I found a tutorial for this card called "Fun Folds (or Fancy Folds) Card" and after watching it promptly made four of them. They are very easy to construct yet when completed they’re exquisite and look as if they took a lot of time and effort.
You start with a 12x12 piece of designer paper or lightweight cardstock and trim 1" off of two adjacent sizes which gives you an 11"x11" piece. Then fold diagonally from corner to corner to create a large triangle.
Place the long edge of the triangle against the top horizontal edge of your scoring board and make vertical scores at 3" and 5.5" from both the left and the right ends toward the middle. Then turn it over and make a horizontal score at 3.5" down from the top point towards the middle, this will be parallel to the long edge of the triangle.
On the shorter sides of the triangle, you will see that two of the scores intersect, marking a small triangle... cut out the small triangle (basically making a "notch" on those sides).
Next you will fold the outer points of your triangle towards the middle at the 5.5" score lines and use your bone folder to make a nice sharp crease, then fold those points back towards the outside at the 3" scored lines and crease with the bone folder.
You will then take the points on top of each side and bend them towards the top, creating diamond shapes. You can then glue the bent back flaps underneath the outer half of the diamonds. You can also glue the top most pointed flaps together if you like. (If you don't glue them together, you could actually "hide" or enclose a gift card in there that would be securely inside the card, behind the main square center panel.
Decorate the card as you like. I used ribbon to hold mine closed and glued the ends of the two ribbon pieces underneath the point of the diamonds when I secured them to the flap. Then wrapped the ribbons around the back and tied them in a bow back in the front.
The top flap will tuck inside the top of the outermost diamond. I decorated both diamond shapes with a piece of pearlized cardstock that I ran through my Cuttlebug with one of those very tiny embossing folders and added a few itsy bitsy pearls... I also added a few more pearls and jewels to the middle of some of the flowers.
The inside center panel has two layers of pearlized cardstock that I cut with 2 of the Dies Direct's French Scalloped Flair dies (ST010). I stamped and powder embossed a birthday sentiment on the smaller of the two pieces which I rotated 45 degrees on top of the slightly larger one.
(A personal tip: This paper, although gorgeous as it is, had no glitz to it so I added a little! I recently found CLEAR glitter gel pens (2 in a pkg at JoAnns) and absolutely love them! One night while watching tv I just took my little gel pen and went around the edges of some of the flowers on this 12x12 sheet of dp... it makes a sutble but stunning difference! You may not be able to see it in my pics above, but the recipient of your card will surely notice it!
Blessings and Happy Crafting til next time!

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