Friday, December 3, 2010


My sweet grandson, John E. Heater V, turns 5 today... He lives in Troy IL (just outside St Louis)... I'm so disappointed I couldn't be there to help celebrate his birthday...
Hope he likes his card and gifts... box should arrive today or tomorrow... his birthday card is shown in my post two days ago... just scroll down... it's the colorful tri-shutter with Disney's Cars stickers all over it! ; )

Although this isn't a recent picture... it is actually from 3 years is one of my favorites (and I actually took it)... you don't get lucky enough to snap a natural pose very often... This was in an Olive Garden in Seattle, July 2007... pretty cute, huh?

Here's a more recent one taken earlier this year when I was visiting them and took John and little sister Morgan (she turned 3 last month) for a walk in their neighborhood... This is a carved moose holding a mailbox that I think is just hysterical so I had them stand next to him to show how big he is (the moose)!

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